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テクニカルセンターではKOMET社製 ツールスコープを使い、加工状況を常に監視・管理しています。

KOMET® ToolScope can test machining on test workpiece and test equipment. Moreover, monitoring and recording cutting resistance in daily production lines in real time.
A module-type machining resistance monitoring system with no restrictions on the size of the workpiece or jig.

  • App TS-PM: Tool/Process Monitoring

    Self-learning process monitoring with statistical-based tolerance limits. (patented 6-Sigma method)
    Processing will be stopped in case of abnormal status such as machining load is too high or too low.

  • App CD-xDim: Collision Detection

    Detects tool hitting overload up to 150 times faster than the machining equipment system.
    Minimize damage to the spindle by a stop signal.

  • App TS-AFC: Adaptive Feed Control

    Feed is automatically adjusted and the cutting resistance is made uniform by self-learning.
    Since the feed increases in the low resistance part and decreases in the high resistance part, it is effective for intermittent processing in rough processing.
    Not only shortens the processing time, but also extends the life of the insert and spindle.

Each application allows you to select and start using only what you need.

It can be customized according to the usage environment and can be added later.

Please refer article of ToolScope for more detail.

Check our ideas

  • App TS-PM
    Tool/Process Monitoring

  • App TS-Wear
    Tool Wear Monitoring

  • App TS-AFC
    Adaptive Feed Control

  • App TS-Cloud
    Cloud Function

  • App CD-xDim
    Collision Detection

  • App TS-CM
    Condition Monitoring

  • App TS-TCLog
    Automatic Tool Change Log

  • App TS-QRep
    Quality Monitoring /

  • App TS-MDA
    Automatic Shift Log


ツールマネジメントシステム テクニカルセンターでは次世代型の工具管理システムを導入しています。

Simple operation by barcode or QR code reading.

Prevent tool selecting mistake by electronically locked system.

  • Everything is controlled by barcode or QR code.
  • Improve security by eletrorically locked individual drawers and partations.
  • Prevents tool selection mistakes, order omissions, and overstock.
  • Suggests order timing.
  • Available with various tools by various types of shelves.

  • Available with long type toolholders.

  • Extension unit, half size MATRIX are also available.

  • Analyzes monthly usage and tool costs.
    Suggests the optimum order quantity.


CAD/CAM シミュレーション テクニカルセンターではCAD/CAMソフトを用いた工程改善・立ち上げ作業の効率化をご提案しています。

Improving efficiency of start-up operation by using 3D CAD/CAM simulation of our partner, Aikoku Alpha.
Work efficiency will be improved by this simulation.

Using for complex processing and shortening working time are available.

  • Simple Modeler
    CAD software

    Direct Modeler will simplify your making of any material models.

    CAM software

    A NC programming supporting software which is available with every processing pass.

  • G-Navi
    simulator software

    A simulation system that verify interference of machine and workpiece shape at the same time.

Significantly shortening time from receiving drawing
to starting processing.

  • 図面入手 加工方法の模索 加工工程ごとの工具選定・加工条件設定 NCプログラムの作成 干渉チェック

    Conventional case

    Considering process, selecting tool, and programming by own know-how.

  • 図面入手↓CADで3Dモデル化 NCプログラムの作成↓CAMで加工パス作成 シュミレータで干渉のチェック

    Using CAD/CAM/simulation software

    Improving efficiency, simplification, and visualization of process consideration, tool selection, and condition setting by using IT software.

We can support
to improve processing
by using work result data
which we obtain from
manufacturing site of
all over the world.
Please use our survice
to solve problems
such as
the number of operator,
work efficiency,
and succession of techniques.

  • Our database is based on actual test result of cutting condition at Cominix technical center.

  •  Standardizing tool and cutting condition
    by managing processing data.
    Realizing stable quality from the first lot.

For more details of Aikoku alpha's CAD/CAM software:


SMOOTH TECHNOLOGIES テクニカルセンターではMAZAK製品を使い、日々研究を行っています。
  • Multi-tasking machineINTEGREX-i200

    • Chuck size: 8 inch
    • CAPTO C6
    • Turning spindle: 22kw, 5,000rpm
    • Milling spindle: 22kw, 12,000rpm
    • Coolant pressure: 1.5MPa
  • Vertical Machining CenterVCN-430A

    • Table size: 900x430
    • BBT40
    • Spindle: 18.5kw, 12,000rpm
    • Coolant pressure: 0.5MPa
  • NC lathe with millingQT-COMPACT200MY

    • Chuck size: 8 inch
    • Turning spindle: 15kw, 5,000rpm
    • Milling spindle: 5.5kw, 4,500rpm
    • Coolant pressure: 0.5MPa