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WF AF AS F1P SM 14 PF CCMT..ISOインサート旋 削内外径、端面溝入れ、突切りねじ切りその他Cominix Online 2018 107イスカル ISCARスローアウェイチップ型 番WEBコード価 格CCET 0602005-WF IC907 R7362 1,370CCET 09T3005-WF IC907 R4423 1,710CCGT 09T308-AF IC20 R7316 1,730CCGT 120408-AF IC20 R7319 2,040CCGT 060201-AS IC20 R7311 1,800CCGT 060202-AS IC20 R00135 1,800CCGT 060202-AS IC520 R7312 2,530CCGT 060204-AS IC20 R00136 1,800CCGT 060204-AS IC520 R7313 2,530CCGT 09T301-AS IC20 R7314 1,730CCGT 09T302-AS IC20 R00137 1,730CCGT 09T302-AS IC520 R00138 2,530CCGT 09T304-AS IC20 R00139 1,730CCGT 09T304-AS IC520 R7315 2,530CCGT 09T308-AS IC20 R7317 1,730CCGT 120402-AS IC20 R00140 2,040CCGT 120404-AS IC20 R4424 2,040CCGT 120404-AS IC520 R7318 2,870CCGT 120408-AS IC20 R00141 2,040CCGT 03X101-F1P IC908 R5825 2,410CCGT 03X102-F1P IC908 R5826 2,410CCGT 03X104-F1P IC908 R5827 2,410CCGT 04T101-F1P IC908 R5828 2,410CCGT 04T102-F1P IC908 R5829 2,410CCGT 04T104-F1P IC908 R5830 2,410CCGT 060202L IC20 R5770 2,190CCGT 060202L IC30N R5771 2,190CCGT 060204L IC30N R5773 2,190CCGT 060201-SM IC907 R5769 2,190CCGT 060202-SM IC907 R5772 2,190CCMT 060204-14 IC20 R6895 630CCMT 060204-14 IC428 R5781 810CCMT 060204-14 IC5005 R5840 860CCMT 060204-14 IC807 R5841 810CCMT 060204-14 IC830 R5782 810CCMT 060204-14 IC907 R5783 810CCMT 09T304-14 IC20 R6896 840CCMT 09T304-14 IC806 R6706 1,020CCMT 09T304-14 IC807 R5847 1,020CCMT 09T304-14 IC8250 R5848 1,070CCMT 09T304-14 IC907 R7365 1,020CCMT 09T308-14 IC20 R6897 840CCMT 09T308-14 IC3028 R00152 930CCMT 09T308-14 IC428 R6977 1,020CCMT 09T308-14 IC5005 R5855 1,070CCMT 09T308-14 IC8250 R5856 1,070CCMT 09T308-14 IC830 R6711 1,020CCMT 09T308-14 IC9250 R6978 1,020CCMT 120408-14 IC20 R6898 1,000CCMT 120408-14 IC830 R6715 1,300型 番WEBコード価 格CCMT 120404-16 IC830 R6713 1,300CCMT 120408-16 IC8150 R5868 1,360CCMT 120412-16 IC8150 R5875 1,360CCMT 060202 IC20N R5774 630CCMT 060202 IC8250 R5836 860CCMT 060204 IC30N R5779 620CCMT 060204 IC520N R5780 810CCMT 09T302 IC20N R5232 840CCMT 09T302 IC520N R00145 1,020CCMT 09T304 IC20N R5235 840CCMT 09T304 IC520N R5236 1,020CCMT 09T308 IC520N R5239 1,020CCMT 09T302-FFA IC20N R5233 840CCMT 09T302-FFA IC520N R5234 1,020CCMT 09T304-FPC IC20N R5237 840CCMT 09T304-FPC IC520N R5238 1,020CCMT 09T308-FPC IC520N R5240 1,020CCMT 060202-PF IC6015 R5775 860CCMT 060202-PF IC6025 R5776 860CCMT 060202-PF IC807 R5837 810CCMT 060202-PF IC830 R6698 810CCMT 060202-PF IC907 R00142 810CCMT 060204-PF IC6015 R5784 860CCMT 060204-PF IC6025 R5785 860CCMT 060204-PF IC806 R6700 810CCMT 060204-PF IC807 R5842 810CCMT 060204-PF IC830 R6701 810CCMT 060204-PF IC907 R00143 810CCMT 09T302-PF IC806 R6703 1,020CCMT 09T302-PF IC807 R4427 1,020CCMT 09T302-PF IC830 R6704 1,020CCMT 09T302-PF IC907 R7364 1,020CCMT 09T304-PF IC6015 R6972 1,070CCMT 09T304-PF IC6025 R5849 1,070CCMT 09T304-PF IC806 R6707 1,020CCMT 09T304-PF IC807 R00147 1,020CCMT 09T304-PF IC830 R6708 1,020CCMT 09T304-PF IC907 R00148 1,020CCMT 060202-SM IC806 R6699 810CCMT 060202-SM IC8150 R5838 860CCMT 060202-SM IC8250 R5839 860CCMT 060202-SM IC9150 R5777 810CCMT 060202-SM IC9250 R5778 810CCMT 060204-SM IC6015 R5786 860CCMT 060204-SM IC6025 R6969 860CCMT 060204-SM IC806 R6702 810CCMT 060204-SM IC807 R5843 810CCMT 060204-SM IC8150 R5787 860CCMT 060204-SM IC8250 R4425 860CCMT 060204-SM IC907 R4426 810型 番WEBコード価 格CCMT 060204-SM IC9150 R5788 810CCMT 060204-SM IC9250 R5789 810CCMT 060208-SM IC6015 R5790 860CCMT 060208-SM IC6025 R6970 860CCMT 060208-SM IC807 R00144 810CCMT 060208-SM IC907 R5791 810CCMT 09T302-SM IC6015 R5844 1,070CCMT 09T302-SM IC6025 R5845 1,070CCMT 09T302-SM IC806 R6705 1,020CCMT 09T302-SM IC807 R5846 1,020CCMT 09T302-SM IC907 R00146 1,020CCMT 09T302-SM IC9250 R6971 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC20 R00149 840CCMT 09T304-SM IC428 R6973 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC5005 R5850 1,070CCMT 09T304-SM IC5010 R5851 1,070CCMT 09T304-SM IC6025 R5852 1,070CCMT 09T304-SM IC806 R6709 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC807 R5853 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC8150 R4428 1,070CCMT 09T304-SM IC8250 R00150 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC830 R6710 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC907 R00151 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC9150 R6974 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC9250 R6975 1,020CCMT 09T304-SM IC9350 R6976 1,020CCMT 09T308-SM IC5005 R5857 1,070CCMT 09T308-SM IC5010 R5858 1,070CCMT 09T308-SM IC6015 R5859 1,070CCMT 09T308-SM IC6025 R5860 1,070CCMT 09T308-SM IC806 R6712 1,020CCMT 09T308-SM IC807 R5861 1,020CCMT 09T308-SM IC8150 R5862 1,070CCMT 09T308-SM IC8250 R5863 1,070CCMT 09T308-SM IC907 R00153 1,020CCMT 09T308-SM IC9150 R6979 1,020CCMT 09T308-SM IC9250 R6980 1,020CCMT 120404-SM IC806 R6714 1,300CCMT 120404-SM IC807 R5865 1,300CCMT 120404-SM IC8150 R5866 1,360CCMT 120404-SM IC8250 R5867 1,360CCMT 120404-SM IC907 R7366 1,300CCMT 120404-SM IC9150 R6981 1,300CCMT 120404-SM IC9250 R6982 1,300CCMT 120408-SM IC6015 R5869 1,360CCMT 120408-SM IC6025 R5870 1,360CCMT 120408-SM IC807 R5871 1,300CCMT 120408-SM IC8150 R5872 1,360CCMT 120408-SM IC8250 R5873 1,360CCMT 120408-SM IC907 R00154 1,300